Psychiatric Nursing 2019 is a grand international community-lead event to support you, empower you and to create you a global networking platform to make this world hear your voice!

Our main motto is to create awareness on Psychiatry through this conference and to create a world-wide networking platform for the attendees. We have created successful collaborations among Psychiatric enthusiasts all around the world. World Conference on Psychiatric & Mental Health is a congress dedicated to Brain Workers, Psychological Researchers, Psychiatrists, Academicians, Students, NGOs and people who are working for the welfare of society & Psychiatry. This conference will be a great gateway to meet like-minded experts and to share your research work with peers.
4th World Congress on Psychiatric &  Mental Health is the concatenation of our grand event Psychiatric Nursing 2018 which was held at Paris. Through this event, we created a global international networking platform for experts from 38 different countries and successful collaborations worth more than a Quarter a million! We experienced inspiring stories and witnessed brilliant research presentations. We had a participation of 58 speakers, Leading Recruiters, 100+ Students, 20+ Poster Presentations, 5+ exhibitors, and 200+ attendees. 
With great pride, we are happy to announce our event paved way for collaborations among different organizations, introduced efficient research outcomes, created job opportunities & scholarships for young researchers and students. Above all, we created a community to support each other’s growth and mental well-being.

You must be the change you want to see in the world; Together let’s fight the stigma of Psychiatry Well-Being! Will you join us?

Date: June 17-18, 2019

Venue: Rome, Italy